Warren is originally from Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire and was not born to a spiritual life, even though Warren has the connections of spiritualists on both sides of his family tree. 
Warren enjoys touring the UK and bringing love and truth back to all those who attend his events across the country but what makes Warren so unique is not what he does but who he is.

Warren's own words 
"I am humbled every time I work for spirit and I am blessed every time you allow me to share their love with you."

So what makes Warren the Spiritualist Medium you come to see?
Warren's life has not been one born from a simple life but one more forged in the fire this life has to offer. You will never hear Warren talk about how life can break you but how the journey we undertake can built us into a strenght and light to be reckoned with.

Just a few notes or pages in Warrens own life
He served the forces for 8 years travelling to many war torn country and is a ex serviceman, a point of great pride to him gaining medals and decorations for his time  working on the other side of the coin for peace. Warren has met many famous, well respected and special people in his life from dining with royals, socialising with pop stars and talking with dignitaries such as Nelson Mandela and United State Presidents, even though the conversations were short they will always be remembered.

Warren will always look at the journey he has had in his life as invaluable lessons. He has walked the highest of highs and crawled from the lowest of lows, he believes every step we take forges us, every lesson builds us and every dream ignites us.
The journey Warren takes for spirit is no more important than the previous steps in a remarkable life story. You will never find someone who can overcome so much and walk into a room and still ask all those there how he can help today.

Warren first set foot on to his spiritual path in 2008 but took to the public stage in 2013. He first became aware of spirit at a very young age but it was not until later in his life that he decided to answer their call for him to work. It then became apparent that the answers he sought in life actually resided in his calling for spirit, so the journey really began.

The first true experience of spirit came when he was at school channelling poetry. He then followed the directions of spirit when he was in the forces, allowing his directions to be guided  by something relatively unknown to him back then. Warren uses the lessons of his past to live his own life to the fullest and to help those he meets. 

Warren now represents spirit on public stages but his true heart still belongs to the churches that he first started in. He looks forward to working for the love and within the guidance of spirit for years to come.

Warren is a skilled Medium and can work in any field whether it is trance, physical healing or mental Mediumship. Warren connects with all aspects as one with in his work. He is still one of the few Mediums in the world who can give the connection of hearing their loved ones voices and seeing their loved ones during transfiguration. All physical and trance work always depends on the perfect energy and atmosphere but it is always so special to give this gift back to those when possible. 

Warren currently has over 40 communications and poems ready to be placed within a book, also another explaining his whole journey and how his soul found the spirit within. Currently this is still within the writing stage but he looks forward to finally getting round to publicating the teachings of spirit. 

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Written and edited by Miss L Cook on the behalf of Mr W Bailey.

Where my words end your journey with spirit continues
Blessings of Light and Love

In a world in need of smiles be the jester, in a world in need of healing be the warmth, in a world in need of change just be you!