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Emergency Contacts

"Never give up at a time you feel lost, 
it can mean you are one step closer to finding who you are meant to be. Sometimes we have to lose all we are to make space for new possibilities.
Be strong, Be beautiful, Be you."
A few contacts if you ever feel lost, lonely or broken. You are not alone there is always someone to listen, who understands and to be the support you may need.

Combat Stress
CALL -  0800 138 1619
EMAIL - [email protected]

UK Armed Forces and their family.
If your worried for your family or struggling with life after exiting the armed forces 24hr. Contacts
Suicide Hotline
Hopeline UK -  0800 068 4141
Samaratans 24hrs support -  116 or 123

Domestic Violence
0808 2000 247
24hr National Domestic Violence helpline 
In partnership with womens aid

Thank you for taking the time to view my website. 
Please Note
All demonstrations of Mediumship outside of spiritual establishments have to be classed as for entertainments purposes only. 
No matter my belief the final desicion as always lays within side yourself.
All readings are given as guidance not to instruct you on how to live your life,  the choices and decisions you make before and after a reading are YOURS.
No Medium is a medical professional and no diagnoses are given, if at any point you feel you have a medical concern please direct yourself to nearest medical assistance.
It is your own personnal responsibility for all actions taken within your own life and I hold no responsibility for your personnel actions.
Thank You
Warren .P. Bailey